@SuddheenKulkarni is a fine human being, gentle and considerate.

I respect him, though I disagree with him that you need to open a dialogue with Muslims. He once said that the BJP cannot rule unless it assimilates Muslims. True, but my experience is that in India, doors have always be opened to Muslims. Indeed, those who willed, reached the highest echelons of India’s leadership – Presidents of India, Governors, Union Ministers, CEO’s… It is many of the Muslim mollahs who do not want their flock to be part of the Great Indian Adventure, though even they have to admit that there is total religious freedom for Muslims in India – unlike what Hindus get in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Sudheendra is a symbol of the millions of good Hindus who want to be tolerant and dialogue with their enemies, even if it costs them their freedom and life. Remember Prithviraj Chauhan. What do YOU think?

3 responses to “@SuddheenKulkarni is a fine human being, gentle and considerate.

  1. Till science overtakes Holy Books sanatan / world Dharma will have to suffer

  2. These inane Hindus who offer the hand of friendship and goodwill never realize that Islam will never tolerate any other religions or ideologies as well as individual freedom to prosper once they are in power. There is no place for kafirs in Islamic world view, so where they would go? They have to perish like Prithviraj Chauhan.

  3. exactly, hindus are very inclusive, kind and unsuspecting. They tolerate and embrace everyone, even their enemies.The pay a heavy price for the same

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