The French share a similar problem with India: they have a sizable Muslim population (12%), some are integrated – in fact there are many brilliant French Muslim writers, singers, satirists, comedians, film directors – but there is also a big chunk of the youth, which is drawn to the radical Islam preached today and many have or are dreaming to join the ISIS. Plus, as in India, the French cannot be sure of the feelings of the silent majority of their Muslims citizens, many of which have some degree of sympathy for the radical Muslim groups, in the name of Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir.
The point is that these attacks whether in Paris, Mumbai, or New York, are making western christians or Indian hindus more and more suspicious of Islam. Ordinary Muslims then feel ostracised and targeted, the Media which has understood nothing and generally is not in tune with the general feeling of its readers, speaks of ‘islamophobia’ and nothing is solved.
But when will the world understand that this is a war and that the problems is not with Muslims, but with their Scripture, which was written 15 centuries ago for different times, different customs, which included war and barbarism? These jihadis actually read properly the Coran, it is the intellectuals and the journalists who defend them indirectly, who do not. What do YOU think

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  1. girish deshmukh

    Period. well said. its a war , sooner every stake holder realises , better. once every one realises its a WAR , its a first of the many steps in that direction. K S LAL wrote same in 1990, may be context was medieval , true now also

  2. Amarnath Wanchoo

    I told a muslim friend 5 or 6 years ago that the Koran needs to be revised as you seem to suggest. He hummed and hawed but did nothing because either he secretly supported jihadis or was too scared to take the matter up openly within the community.

  3. I agree with FG in toto, cause it has been proved by experts like Ibn Khaldun. that it is Scriptures which forms the mind of a race. Here See Below “It was of Ibn Khaldun that Arnold Toynbee said: “His philosophy of history is the greatest work of its kind that has ever yet been created by any mind any time.” Ibn Khaldun proved that events were shaped by religious beliefs, customs, climates and racial backgrounds….//

  4. To continue: In France it is between Christians and Muslims whereas in India it is between Hindus and Muslims. Christians sell weapons to Muslims and Hindus. Muslims buy them to use it against Hindus and Christians. Hindus buy them for self defence. To sum up, of the three, who is the real Vilian and who is the real Hero? Who is who is who!

  5. Mr. Gautier, I agree with you. One solution is to hunt them continuously, including their supporters. A second solution is to use a part of their ideology. Haeads of all nations must announce that when the militants are dead their bodies will be buried along with dead swines! I bet it will halt their march by more than 70%

  6. What happens, if they succeeded in killing tens of thousands of people in a single strike, say e.g. by carrying out a radiological attack in Paris or NYC? Wouldn’t it be necessary for the ‘non-believers’ to ask the ‘believers’ to either shun all signs of their belief, in that case, or be ready to be shipped back to their dust-bowls, and nuked if required so.

    ‘Jihadism’ is the nature’s way of showing mirror to the so-called democratized and liberal world of its inherent logical and emotional flaws, IMHO. So, either you take firm decisions against the ‘belief’ and the lifestyle inimical to you, or simply be hijacked by all its unliberal notions.

    A related question : What does the human psychiatry say about Jihadism (or any extremist ‘ism’ for that matter)? Are they continuing to study this menace or are they being hampered by the needs of a politically correct liberal world as well? Shouldn’t they come out with a scientifically defined limit, beyond which the belief resulting into the Jihad should be regarded unlawful in itself?

    In retrospect, I’ve a doubt whether the response to a terror strike – as massive as described above – in Mumbai or Delhi would be equally decisive in nature as well. Probably a regional war and lasting destruction between India and Pakistan, but nothing beyond that regarding the ‘concerned’ belief itself would happen IMO.

  7. Jihadists around the world have long started World War 3 even if the world does not realize it.

    “… The free world needs a Caliphate Doctrine. It must state clearly and unambiguously that any attempt to build a Caliphate, to subjugate territories to Islamic law with all its accompanying barbarism, and to demand the surrender of the rest of humanity through terror, will be met with utter destruction.

    Not drone strikes. Not hashtags. Not calls for moderate Islam. Not even the “shock-and-awe” that Obama officials nervously disavowed. But the destruction that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan faced after they attempted to impose the rule of a master race and ideology on the world through terror.

    If we do not want another century of war, then we must make the Islamic State into an example.

    The Islamic State seeks to horrify and terrify us into surrender. Its atrocities are techniques for destroying our morale and teaching us helplessness. If we do not fight back, then we will eventually give up. Entire European countries have already surrendered and ask only for a merciful conquest.

    When Napoleon faced Muslim fighters who violated the rules of war in Israel, he had them put to death. “To have acted otherwise than as I did, would probably have caused the destruction of my whole army,” he explained. It is not an army that faces destruction today, not even a nation, but all of civilization.

    The Caliphate Doctrine would make it clear that civilization has no room for the Islamic State, that it has no room for terrorism, sex slavery, child soldiers, beheadings and the other horrors of Supremacist Islam. It makes it plain that Islamic terrorism is not a domestic criminal problem, but an act of war against civilization by a death cult. And we have a choice between our deaths and that of the cult.

    A Caliphate, whether that of ISIS or any other, represents the murder and enslavement of mankind. Each Islamic terror attack is carried out in support of a Caliphate of the present or the future. By taking a definitive stand against any Caliphate, we make it clear that the modern world has no room for such an institution and that Islamic terrorism, domestic or international, is fighting for a lost cause.

    We can begin by destroying the Caliphate. And when the Islamic State falls, then the dreams of all our murderers, from Paris to New York, from Raqqa to Istanbul, will begin to die with it….”

  8. The French might not have given as much freedom or liberty or appeased the Muslims as India did after Partition. The secularism in India seemed to be understood anything that can irk the Hindu community is acceptable but if the same is happening to the minority community it is communal. This is more because of vote bank politics to divide the Hindus on caste line and corner the minority votes in the name of secularism. In the end both the communities suffered and the politicians merrily fooling both and exploiting them until Modi arrived on the scene. So, Muslims in India generally have great respectability and we have had some great Muslim leaders who have been Chief Ministers – Antulay in Maharashtra for e.g. and some have been elevated as Chief Justice of the Highest Court, even President of the country and they are also part of the bureaucracy, Military and Police force. In other words they are well integrated in the Indian system Some fringe elements succeed in their nefarious designs it could be only because of their local agents – even Hindus are part of that set up. In my opinion there seems to be a great deal of difference between Indian Muslims and the French Muslims . Lastly, any terror attack in India is because of Pakistan but in France it is more radicalized local Islam group who are aided and abetted from outside especially now by the ISIS.

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