About #BlackMoney & @IndianNationalCongress

There is no doubt that the massive amounts that the Indian National Congress needs to win (or lose) elections, bribe MP’s, pay for huge recurring expenses, come from percentages of arm contracts paid through third parties. When I was the correspondent of the Swiss paper Le Journal de Geneve, it was proved that Ajitabh Bacchan, at that time residing in Switzerland, brother of Amitabh Bachchanh , was the conduit for some of the Bofors money. Ajitabh had many lawyers who threatened to sue my paper, which asked me to drop it. Sonia Gandhi is going to be a huge problem for Mr Narendra Modi in the next few months and one way to deal with there would be to let Mr Ajit Doval go after her, using the Bofors and other trails. Here is a very good article on another Black Money scandal involving Rahul Gandhi. In my opinion he should be left alone, as he is own worst enemy and Sonia Gandhi should not be put in jail where she would become a martyr, but exiled. What do YOU think? FG

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  1. girish deshmukh

    exile !!!!

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  3. Making Molehill out of Mountain ?

    Yes , you read it right !

    How else can you describe the following ?

    * Gold Monetization Scheme managed to garner 400 gms of Gold in first 15 days
    Extrapolate to 100 Kg in a year ( give benefit of doubt )
    How many years to attract all of 20,000 TONNES , estimated to have been hoarded by
    Indian citizens ? ( Valued at Rs 52 LAKH*CRORES )
    Correct answer : 200,000 years

    * SIT appointed by Govt , managed to uncover ( not get back ) , Rs 10,000 Crores worth of
    black money , illegally stashed abroad by Indians ( approx $ 2 Billion ) , in one year.
    How many years will it take to bring out into open , $ 2000 Billion worth of domestically
    hidden black money ( Gold / Land / benami assets etc ) ?
    Correct answer : NEVER

    Why could be the reason for this outcome ?

    Simple .

    There is no power / law on Earth , which can vanquish ” Human Greed ”
    But there is a way to bridge the divide between ” Greed ” and ” Goodwill ”
    By harnessing the ” GREED ” to lead India to ” GREATNESS ”

    By :
    * Abolishing Personal Income Tax ( Revenue loss of Rs 2.4 Lakh*Crores )
    * No questions asked for any amount of cash deposited in Jan Dhan Yojana bank accounts
    * By launching SPVs for , Infrastructure / Health / Education / Renewable Energy /
    Electric Transport / Green Cover Forestry / Affordable Housing / Smart Cities etc
    * No questions asked as to the source of funds invested in such SPVs ( Amnesty Scheme )
    * Dividend / Interest from such SPVs to be directly credited to Jan Dhan bank accounts
    * Introduction of Bank Transaction Tax ( BTT ) @ 2% to yield revenue of Rs 15 lakh*crore.
    With ZERO personal Income Tax , expect official bank-transactions to go up from current
    3 % to over 80 % ! Especially with introduction of Mobile Wallets by EVERY bank !
    * 2 % ( out of 27 % ) of GST , to be directly deposited in the PPF a/c of the buyer
    ( This will ensure that all citizens have PPF account )
    * This 2 % to be used to pay the premium for that person’s health insurance

    This is , in my opinion , the surest / fastest / least controversial method to :

    # Solve the problem of BLACK MONEY for ever
    # Put that $ 2000 Billion worth of BLACK MONEY to productive use
    # Generate 100 million jobs in 5 years (to take care of addition of 12 million to workforce )
    # Raise GDP to 10 % by 2016-17

    Best feature of my proposal :

    No need to beg the opposition to pass any BILL in Rajya Sabha !

    India needs a miracle to bring its 400 million BPL ( below the poverty line ) people out of abject misery
    Tinkering won’t do !

    hemen parekh
    20 Nov 2015

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