watching a few minutes of the India-@SouthAfrica cricket match. A few observations

: Wankhede stadium is half empty – that on a Sunday, for a high quality match. Greedy @BCCI, greedy politicians, over-rated Media attention, unceasing adds (like today, even overlapping playing time), first killed Domestic cricket, which was of high standard two decades ago and out of which new talent always sprung. Now twelve spoilt brats, who travel First Class, sleep in 5 str hotels, earn billion of rupees, legal and sometimes illegally, do adds, often unethical (for Coke that is known to be harmful in the long run, or even for whiskies – under the guise of soda ) are also killing international cricket.
Great ! Other sports, which were always overshadowed by cricket, which syphons all Media and adds attention, can now come-up in India. Do you know that India is ranked 253rd in Football 214th in basketball, nowhere in track and field, nowhere in swimming? Look at China who only played table tennis 30 years ago and who now tops in almost all sports. shame !
Second observation, the best Indian bowler was Harbhajan, who has been around for years and must be reaching his forties. Does that mean that there a no more spin bowlers in India and that every youth wants to be a fast bowler ? Again, the fossils like Sharad Pawar, who were presidents of Indian Cricket Association for decades, have killed the golden goose.
Third observation: it was 37° Celsius in Mumbai, hot for an end October and even spectators who were just sitting, were frantically fanning themselves. Imagine what the batters running with tons of protective gears must have felt? That reminds me that cricket is a British game, invented to play in cool climates, in a green meadow, with a nice breeze fluttering the ladies hats, who are drinking home made lemonade.
Is cricket then another legacy of colonised times, to which India is hanging, like secularism and macaulayism ? (I know my fans all love cricket. But then I have always been a journalist who tries to stick t the truth, however much it cost me)

2 responses to “watching a few minutes of the India-@SouthAfrica cricket match. A few observations

  1. nice observation Franc … just that bhajji is 35 🙂

    Regards Achal Premi

  2. girish deshmukh

    i stopped watching or listening matches on radio when sunil gavskar retired

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