About @MoodysRatings, Muslims & Hindu Leftists

Note that this negative comment on India from the USA is based on an analysis by a Muslim, which in turn is based on reports by an unnamed ‘contact in India’. Probably a leftist Hindu intellectual. It is however damaging for Modi and its government. The irony is that NOTHING has happened in terms of intolerance. Christians and Muslims are still as free to practice their religion as they always were. Rather it is Hindus that are persecuted in West Bengal or Assam by Muslims, local and Bangladeshis. But we live in a world of Untruth, where the Asura seems to have the upper hand – at the moment at least. What do YOU think?

3 responses to “About @MoodysRatings, Muslims & Hindu Leftists

  1. girish deshmukh

    bang !! right sir

  2. It’s time that BJP mill works over time to respond to all these ill-propaganda and neutralize.

  3. The only religious group leftists around the world support are Muslims. Even in Europe. The Western Left and Right are against Hindus. The Western Left is against Christianity as well at least in the West. Eurabia is becoming a reality. Eurabia is Europe as a satellite of the Islamic Middle East. Mr. Gautier you should read this book from Bat Ye’or on the European-Arab axis that affects your birthplace France and other Western countries.http://www.amazon.com/Eurabia-Euro-Arab-Axis-Bat-Yeor/dp/1611473144/

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