About @ShahRukhKhan statement on extreme intolerance

Shah Rukh Khan​ Would a Hindu actor become a demigod in Pakistan? Shah Rukh Khan, like @AmirKhan and so many other Muslim actors, is married to a Hindu and is raising his children as Muslims. Would it be possible in Saudi Arabia? Could Shah Rukh Khan say, if he was a citizen of the Arab Emirates, that there is extreme intolerance there? No, he would be thrown in jail, or even beheaded. There is so much freedom in India, that westerners like me can live here for so long and be accepted. Shah Rukh Khan bites the hands that feeds him, betrays the millions of Hindus who worship him, who trust him. He makes us think that every Muslim in India is a Muslim first and an Indian second. And that being a Muslim, they all secretly hate Hindus and take advantage of them. Every sincere Muslim in India should prove us wrong by publicly saying that Shah Rukh Khan is wrong – there is a lot of tolerance in India. FG


One response to “About @ShahRukhKhan statement on extreme intolerance

  1. I think many Indians are shocked at some of the actions of some elements from the Hindutva movement, like Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi and the lynching of a Muslim for beef eating etc. India has been extremely tolerant, may be indifferent to various acts of commission by the Muslims and Christians, only because the Government of the day did not, or could not act due to legal constraints. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala the Christian Priests openly denigrate the various Hindu Gods and the Public have learnt to ignore only because the Govt is not acting. Given this backdrop, the swift reaction shown by some Hindu elements, perhaps emboldened due to their party being in power, has come as a shock, and they have begun to call this as intolerance. The English media with its one track mind is fanning this indignation at this minimal form of protests.

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