About @ShahRukhKhan, @NDTV, @BarkhaDutt & Intolerance

There are still many who say that Shah Rukh Khan​ did not speak about intolerance in India. In this interview with Barkha Dutt​ in NDTV​, he goes even further, stating that “Religious intolerance will take India back to the Dark Ages”. Does he mean the dark ages when Timur killed one hundred thousand Hindus in ONE DAY? Does he mean the Dark Ages when Aurangzeb had the Satnamis of Alwar massacred until the last one, leaving an entire region empty of human beings? Or when he had Shambuji, Shivaji’s son and his Minister Kavi-Kulash, tortured scientifically for THREE weeks and after then cut in small pieces & fed to the dogs on 11 march 1689 ? Does he mean the dark ages when Nadir Shah attacked Delhi in 1739 and for one whole week his soldiers massacred everybody, ransacked everything and razed the entire countryside, so that the survivors would have nothing to eat? Does he mean the dark ages like the sack of the magnificent city of Vijayanagar, which was like an island of civilisation, chivalry, and beauty, in the midst of a shattered and bleeding India, by Husain Nizam Shah: “During FIVE months, the Muslims set themselves to the task of destroying everything, the temples, the palaces, the magnificent residences. The scenes of terror and massacre were unparalleled and mightier than the imagination can ever fathom”, writes historian Alain Danielou.
Mr Khan should be careful with the use of words, for there is something in the human brain called logic: how can you compare Hindus, whose tolerance is unparalleled in the history of the world – otherwise, he a Muslim, would not be such a star in a 80% Hindu majority country, where every persecuted minority in the world has found refuge, where a Hindu still does not mind entering a church or even a mosque, while the opposite is nor true – to his ancestors, who were the bloodiest butchers in the world. Historians have roughly evaluated that 80 MILLION Hindus died during the Muslim invasions, from the Hindu Kush to Mumbai 2008, the biggest Holocaust in the History of the World. It’s the Hindus who should speak about intolerance and cry like babies.
Note also how #NDTV has fully embraced this slanderous and untruthful campaign on so-called Hindu intolerance. The funny and ironic thing is that when Narendra Modi​ came to power, NDTV expected to be taken to task, specially for the 100 crore scam investigation case going against them. But Mr Modi, for his own reasons, decided to leave NDTV alone, which has emboldened the Bharka dutt​ ‘s to go full steam against the PM. What is the moral of the story, please tell me?

4 responses to “About @ShahRukhKhan, @NDTV, @BarkhaDutt & Intolerance

  1. Modi will regret and all those who placed their trust in him are starting to feel let down. Those, he let go are drawing their daggers for the strike.

  2. Shahrukh does not have to be careful because time has taught him that
    (1) There will be more Hindus than Muslims defending him and his biased views.
    (2) Despite such verbal diarrhea, his movies will still do huge business.
    (3) He knows that whatever he says, he will be protected by the government he finds intolerant.

  3. Democracy is the only solution-
    In the election space- vote them out using ballot
    In the business space vote them out by not using wallet.

  4. It does not pay to be honest in India. Look at most of the leaders who are worshipped in India right now, Karunanidhi, Sharad Pawar, Lalu Prasad, Abdullahs, the Mulayams, The Mayawatis, Gandhi family have all been dishonest to the core but they get votes. That is all that matters. Modi will find it very difficult to convert this corrupt nation. But he should not give up whatever be the provocation. Modi is the last hope for India. After Modi it will be mayhem only.

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