#Hinduphobia, from Hindu Kush till Mumbai 2008

Let us coin a new word, boys and girls: “Hinduphobia”. We have Islamophobia’, but we know that it is a meaningless & empty word, as from the 8th century onward,m till Paris 13th November 2015, Muslims have terrorized the world – and not vice versa, Hindu, on the contrary, have suffered the GREATEST Holocaust in the sad history of Humanity – It has been calculated that 100 million Hindus died since the Hindu Kush till Mumbai November 2008. Today Hindus are still hounded – their temples & markets bombed, their leaders killed in Gujarat or Kerala, their community ostracized, in Fidji, or Bangladesh and they are ridiculed by their own intellectuals. So boys and girls, please spread the word all over the Net with the hashtag’: ‪#‎Hinduphobia‬. Let us trend it & so that it is introduced in future dictionaries.

5 responses to “#Hinduphobia, from Hindu Kush till Mumbai 2008

  1. India has lost its spiritual soul because of the secular politics and ignorance of Hindus in general. Hindus have been uprooted from their spiritual culture long ago owing to the long Islamic and British colonial rule of India. There is a civilizational crisis before Hindus now. If they are not to perish as a civilization, they have to come together and unite. However, that would not be possible unless there is a major review of Indian spirituality by its religious leaders. The sad plight of Hinduism is because of the misinterpretation of scriptures that caused Hindus to follow a distorted pattern of worship against the wisdom of the Rishis,who believed in the One God (Brahman) and One Humanity without the discrimination of caste, creed, etc. Because of this spiritual distortion, Hindus worship different gods instead of the One God, which has created spiritual disunity among the people. The Vedic priests wanted to promote the temple tradition (in which the authority is only the priest) against the Ashram oriented wisdom tradition of the rishis, fearing that their supremacy would be lost, if people follow the teachings of great Mahatmas like Sri Krishna, Buddha or Mahavir.

    Against the theory of creation originating from the Manus, through mythology in the puranas, the idea of creation from various deities like Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Devi etc. was promoted creating a confused picture of creation among Hindus. The basis of Indian spirituality is that creation begins from Manu. During the epoch of every Manu (Manvantara), four Gurus appear for the spiritual guidance of mankind. But this cosmology was distorted by the puranic writers, who made Brahma as the creator, assigning the age-calculations to Brahma. This was done to cement the idea of devatas and temple tradition so that the Gurus coming in the order of Manvantara would have no spiritual role. Kali Yuga is the age of supramental spiritual evolution through a great spiritual leadership. The worship of devatas is not the yuga dharma of this age. Even Sri Krishna has spoken against this old tradition. That is why even God could not help Hindus when their temples were demolished by the Islamic invaders and when they were murdered in thousands, whereas the Christians and Muslims grew to become the biggest world religions. Hindus are not aware of this spiritual debacle of India and hence this suffering. Let Hindus assemble together and seek guidance from an all knowing Seer who is properly aware about this subject. Otherwise, no remedy seems to be in sight for this sad situation. I would suggest that all Hindu leaders and organizations once assemble at Santhigiri Ashram in Thiruvananthapuram and discuss these issues, if they are willing.

  2. There is some truth in this. We have deviated from the Vedic wisdom and have taken to ritualistic worship of the one Supreme called by different names. True, the Puranas have distorted the Vedic wisdom though unintentionally. Puranas were thought of as the means to convey the wisdom of the Vedas through tales and folklore to be easily understood by the masses. Somewhere in between the priest clan wanting to have more power have distorted the ancient wisdom. If all our religious heads unite under one banner then it is possible for our country to be redeemed and to regain its lost glory. Swami Dayananda Saraswathi tried to unite them under the Acharya Mahasahba which perhaps did not take off as he planned. Only another avtar like Sri Krishna perhaps can bring sense into our religious heads to come together and defend our great culture. While a handful of scholars like Sri Gautier are able to appreciate the need for a renaissance the majority are blissfully talking secularism and interpreting the vedas in whatever way they want to. God save us all.

  3. #Srikannan.I am glad at least few persons do recognize that there is a problem.

  4. I have been reading your articles almost since you began writing them, before we had this fancy internet browsers. You could say many things that a Hindu could not without being branded and, hence disregarded, as being a “Hinduvats”.
    Just before reading this article I visited the Average Mohamed site. I couldn’t help wondering if a similar site should be set up for the Indian and Hindu.
    Hindus ( as well as Indians of all religions) need to learn to respect themselves before they can stand for themselves. Exhorting Hindus to fight will get no-one anywhere without the Hindus first realising their self worth.
    You may like to read Col H S Alcott’s “Old Diary Leaves”, he has done maybe more for Hindus to start realising the worth of their religion deeply than any other person I have read.
    You speak of 1 billion Hindus, is that number right? In the recent past I have meant a lot of people with very Hindu names, who practise the Christian religion. One person told me that he had been asked not to change his name or quote his practising faith. When I mentioned this to someone, they said that this was the practise to hide the actual numbers so as not to lose the minority tag.
    Interesting times we live in.

  5. Mr Gauthier, You have every right to believe and practice what you want. But, are you aware that you have blood on your hands? By continuously presenting distorted and biased views, you’re making the lives of mllions of minorities in India unsafe, while you yourself relax in Paris or Pondichery. Are you even aware of this? It’s good you discovered your religion of choice in Hindutva, why do you have to be against muslims in all things?
    Quelle honte pour une personne née dans le berceau de la liberté!

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