About @aamir_khan & @IamSRK statements on #Intolerance

The problem is that Aamir Khan & Shah Rukh Khan have such a huge following on the Social Media and are so well known abroad, that even if their statements are absolutely untruthful, devious, show utter disregard for the Hindus who worship, them, they do create damage and a bad image for Narendra Modi & the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Govt abroad. This is why I think that the PM needs to come out more forcefully against his enemies. The best defense is attack. What do YOU think.
O Hindus, it’s time you stop being meek little lambs and let your voices be heard. You are one billion people worldwide. every sixth person on this planet is a Hindu, one of the most educated, tolerant, spiritual people on this Planet. Rise up O Hindus, defend yourselves, remember Shivaj Maharaj, the Rani of Jhansi, the kings of Vijaynagar and your great gurus who were never shy of telling the truth, Swami Vivekananda or Sri Aurobindo. Wake up of Hindus, fight, you are being vilified and attacked from all sides and you are just busy making money or caring about our own family and selfish needs. FG

5 responses to “About @aamir_khan & @IamSRK statements on #Intolerance

  1. Modi should set the record straight in the Parliament itself this time. And do so forcefully as you stated, or the slide from power would start taking place very soon now. He is capable of doing that anyway, as his past Loksabha speeches might suggest you.

  2. girish deshmukh

    Was reading Madhu Kishwar book ‘modi muslims and media’ , same thing is being played now , as was being played in 2002 . May Modi follow What Chanakya would have done now.

  3. Mr Gautier

    You have learnt the Hindu wisdom better than Hindu Leaders.
    I have tweeted to Namo about this number of times.

    Forget anything else, but how can he forget that in Mahabharata, Pandavas could not win over Kauaravas by their virtues.

    It is not possible to win over your enemies. If you are sure about your purpose you should be clever to understand your enemies and decimate and finish them, be prepared for short term backslash, it is OK.

    But, Namo has to remember Mahabharata war was won only when Abhimanyu and Ghatotkach died, only when all is lost then we wake up….this is problem with leaders in India for few thousand years now!

  4. Aamirkhan is a victim to a wave of propaganda which is being unleashed by those who are diehard enemies of Modi and could not accept the fact that Modi has been there elected PM despite all kind of extreme propaganda against him and they are trying hard to malign the present Govt.at the cost of bad name to the whole country due to their vile campaign which may result in not getting the required boost to attract the FDI for which PM is trying hard by visiting many countries small and big just with but one motto to improve the economic condition by boosting employment by utilising the young population hence this campaign of depicting that there is growing atmosphere of “intolerence” is detrimental to all the efforts of improvising the condition of employment.Hence those indulging in the vilification campaign are not serving the country but pushing the country from bad to worse economically.Is this a patriotic act?

  5. I read few comments above. Advising MOdi what he should do and should not do ect. Fair enough some of us are concerned and are telling our side of things.

    Although, I do agree Mr. FRANCOIS GAUTIER that aggression is needed, advising it is one thing doing it is quite another..there the timing part is important.

    I have my own obvservations on why Hindu leaders are they are. They are following the role model of Dharma Raj Yudhishtir, who do not want to disturb anybody, do not want to be see/perceived as somebody who was against dharm. His reputation that his enemies would also trust him for his ‘saty’a vachan was SO IMPORTANT…that he forgot even to protect his wife.

    NO – we need to follow BHEEMA or KRISHNA, who understood that even if you are magnanimous your enemies are bound to be your enemies, they need to decimated and destroyed, period. Because if you do not destroy them, they will do whatever it takes to destroy you and they care hoot about your magnanimity. They care about their values and their virtues. Enemies are enemies and cannot be won over by virtues.

    Modi needs to understand he is not in Gujarat where other people were small to him. He is in Delhi (Sultanate in his words and) it has quite significant economical impact on world. The world would not want Delhi to powerful, to be able to deliver things to it’s citizens, to be free from dependency on the world.

    He need to understand that cunnuing people need to be dealt with cunning ways(Shahtyam prati Shatyam). I would say, things are more clearer for him. He does not have any blood relation/ any other relation with anybody in his party, govt or even otherwise. So no question of ‘Kim Kartum’ raising in hiks mind. What is it which is preventing him going after his enemies is fear of making them martyr ? I think, he is waiting for time. I think he understands but like the Nayak in movie “Nayak” he is not prepared yet to use (if need be) ugly ways with ugly people to clean the mess.

    He needs to understand that Sonia Maino and her cronies are not here to applaud him for the magnanimity. They are waiting for first opportunity to de-throne him, may be he is hesitant to use any ugly means(ugly in his mind).

    However, politics is game where you need to be pushing your enemies to ground. Remember, although morally wrong, Ram did in fact killed Walit…because any body who is stronger than you can become your enemy.
    He should take cue and politically finish these cronies, even if it means showing them “dand” of power..so be it !

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