About @Canada, #BiharElections & @Nehru

This is interesting and highly symbolic. First have a look at the list of ministers in the Canadian Government:
Minister of Health is a doctor.
Minister of Transport is an astronaut….
Minister of National Defense is a Sikh Veteran.
Minister of Youth is under the age of 45.
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is a former farmer.
Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness was a Scout.
Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development was a financial analyst.
Minister of Finance is a successful businessman.
Minister of Justice was a crown prosecutor and is a First Nations leader.
Minister of Sport, and Persons with Disabilities is a visually impaired Paralympian.
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Coastguard is Inuit.
Minister of Science is a medical geographer with a PhD.
New titles include
Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees was an Immigration critic.
There are scientists in the cabinet, and it is made up of 50% women.

Then, see the qualifications of the Ministers in the just elected Bihar Government.
1) Nitish Kumar – Chief Minister, Home, General Administration – (Bachelor Of Engineering)
2) Tejaswi Yadav – Deputy Chief Minister – Roads, Buildings, Backwards class Welfare – (Ninth std Fail)
3) Tej Pratap Yadav – Health, Irrigation, Transport – (Twelfth Fail)
4) Abdul Bari Siddiqui – Finance – (Twelfth)
5) Vijendra Prasad Yadav – Electricity – (Tenth Fail)
6) Lalan Singh – Drinking water – ( Eighth Std)
7) Manju Varma – Social Welfare – (Twelfth)
8) Manmohan Jha – Land development – (Seventh)
9) Madan sahini – Fertilizers – (Tenth Std)
10) Ashok Choudhary – Education & IT (Tenth Std)
11) Vijay Prakash – Labour – (Fifth Standard)
12) Ram Vichar Rai – (Agriculture)
13) Kapildev Kamath – Panchayati Raj – (Third Std)
14) Santosh Nirala – SC/ST Welfare – (Twelfth)
15) Abdul Jaleel Masthaan – Programme Implementation – (Eighth Std)
16) Abdul Gafoor – Minority Welfare – (Tenth Std)
17) Chandrika rai – Transport
18) Maheswar Hajari – Urban Development – (Twelfth)
19) Chandrashekar – Disaster Management – (Fourth std)
20) Jaykumar singh – Industries And Science and Technology – (Tenth Std)
21) Anitha Devi – tourism – (Twelfth Failed)
22) Awadesh Singh – Animal Husbandry – (Fifth Standard)
23) Muneshwar Choudhary – Mines and Geology – (Twelfth)
24) Krishnanandan Verma – Law – (Eleventh)
25) Khurshid Feroz Ahmed – Sugarcane Industry – (Fifth std)
26) Shailesh Kumar – Village Administration – (Second Standard)
27) Alok Mehta – Co-operatives – (Third standard)
28) Shravan Kumar – Village Development – (Twelfth Standard)
29) Shivachandra Ram – Arts and Culture – (ILLITERATE)
No scientists, two women only,

These tell us two things: that politics in India has become totally perverted & the criterions are not your education or qualifications – but from which caste, which religion you are & how you can divide more India along caste and religion. This is the Nehruvian legacy. Secondly that by voting for Lalu Prasad, Bihar has gone back to the Middle Ages, whereas Mr @NarendraModi would have given Biharis a real chance to move forward. What do YOU think?

4 responses to “About @Canada, #BiharElections & @Nehru

  1. Yes, Narendra Modi loss is a real chance to Nitish Kr/ Lalu to move forward…positive thinking!! haha! keeping fingers crossed!

  2. Dear Mr. Gautier:

    Have you heard the story about the four scholars and their unlearned friend? They were travelling through a forest and came upon the carcass of a tiger. The scholars wanted to test their knowledge by resurrecting the tiger. The friend warned the scholars that they were sowing the seeds of their own demise, but the scholars were so infatuated with their learning that they abused their friend and told him he was unfit for their company. Saddened, the friend climbed a nearby tree and watched the proceedings. The scholars expected the tiger to thank them for bringing it back to life. But, when the tiger came back to life, it ate them!

    Now, let us apply that parable to today’s situation. Marxist historians, presstitutes, and sickular (un)intellectuals are like these scholars, and you are like the unlearned friend. When well-meaning, sensible people like you try to warn others about the dangers of flirting with louts like Laloo Yadav, goons like Mulayam Singh Yadav, or perverts like Mamata Banerjee, you are rewarded with a volley of abuses and accusations.

    Marxist historians, presstitutes, and sickular (un)intellectuals believe that they can control politicians of the Mandal or Nehruvian cloth. Instead, they would do well to look at Iraq’s recent history; Saddam Hussein in his early days was courted by that country’s so-called intelligentsia, because he was seen as a man of action, and they thought they could pull his strings from behind the curtain. And, we know what finally happened.

    Thank you.

  3. Sir
    What is the qualification of Honorable Union Minister of HRD Smt.Smrithi Irani.She lost Lok Sabha polls by over 1 lakh votes.Yet she is a Union Minister.What are the “So called Path breaking initiatives/decisions” take by her since May 26 2014.School fee for right from LKG is very high (getting admission into schools is very difficult now-a-days).What is NDA Govt doing to make the admission process easier.Why criticize Nitish Kumar alone.

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